Friday, 20 November 2015

Hello everybody!!!!

As its getting closer to Christmas I thought I would do a blog on "CHRISTMASSY TREATS"

I love these candy cane chocolate lollies and these little treats leave your family and friends wanting more. They are super easy to make and are an ideal gift for handmade Christmas presents also the ingredients are super cheap to buy!
Also around this time of year people are suddenly getting out there cake pop moulds and making cute and festive cake pops!
I am currently loving these Rudolph cake pops as they really fit in with the Christmas theme and are very cute!

I know this blog was quite short but I didn't want to bore all, with me going on about Christmas and Christmas treats x I hope you all enjoyed this blog!!!
 there will be no blog tomorrow as I wont have my laptop on me but there will be one for you on Sunday!!

see you soon... Olivia x x


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