Thursday, 19 November 2015

my first blog!!

hello everybody... x

This is the first ever blog I have actually done and I am finding this so cool right now!!!
 I have been wanting to start a blog for ages now... but I have never had the guts to do it! I have spoken to my family and friends who think it is all a great idea for me to start one.

I am thinking of setting a YouTube channel up again to try and make my self more confident in the outside world as the on I had before didn't go down very well with some people that go to my school

Some people might be thinking that I want to be the next Zoella but to be honest I don't.. I don't want all the fuss she gets and I know that might sound crazy but i'm just a normal girl who wants to do well with my blog and YouTube channel. it would be great if you guys can comment below and tell me what to do as I want to make people happy as well as my self

I hope your all having a great day... see you soon

olivia x x x


  1. hello, you seem very sweet, would love if you blogged more!
    wanna see more!
    have you read GIRL ONLINE?

    1. Aww , thank-you so much, that comment means a lot to me. I was planning on blogging more but I haven't really had the confidence to and that's why I am replying very late and I'm very sorry about that!

      YES! of course I have read Girl Online(the first one anyway)and I'm currently halfway through the second one as I haven't really had that much me time to be able to finish it.

      As I've already said thank-you so much for your lovely comment and if people like you love my blogs then I will definitely blog more to try and improve my confidence.

      olivia xxx